WinNTSetup v3.9.2

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WinNTSetup v3.9.2

  • - Install Windows 2k/XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8.x x86/x64
  • - Practically runs even on the most minimalistic WinPE
  • - Choose able drive letter for the new Windows installation
  • - Install Windows also if nlite/vlite has remove winnt32.exe/setup.exe
  • - Integrate Drivers: normal PNP and Textmode Drivers also
  • - patch uxtheme to allow unsigned Themes
  • - Some tweaks
  • - Support "Windows to Go" for Windows 7 and later installs
  • - Supports WimBoot option for Windows 8.1 Update 1
  • - supports all current WIM files: WIM/SWM (XPRESS / LZX / XPRESS HUFFMAN = Wimboot compression)
  • - supports unencrypted ESD files (LZMS compressed WIM)


Not Supported:


  • - No Windows embedded version (this includes WinFLP)
  • No Installation onto USB disk *New* only Windows 7 and later
  • - No upgrades of existing installations


As some may know the last version 1.5 had only Support for Win 2000/XP/2003.
Fujianabc present an very easy approach to install Windows 7 NT 6.x fast installer

basically it's simply applying the windows image from install.wim and generating the boot files.
He also discovered that the drive letter of a Windows 7 image can be (opposed to Vista) easily changed.
So I have added that way of installing to WinNTSetup.

For the driver installation:

Every driver added in NT6.x windows will be added to the driver store.
So it's not recommended to add countless driver, but rather more really required ones.

NT5.x massstorage driver integration is possible thanks to Mr dUSHA powerful MSSTMake.exe tool

To the Unattend option:

It's possible to use an unattend.xml to run the Setup unattended.
But as the actual WinPE Setup Phase isn't effective in that way of install, all Winpe related settings inside the unattend.xml
won't be applied.

Ini config file

It's possible to save all GUI-settings to a ini file:

push Ctrl + S to save all settings to an ini.
push Ctrl + L to load all settings from an ini.

WinNTSetup.ini file in the same dir as the app itself will be loaded automatically at startup.

It also can be selected via command line:

WinNTSetup.exe /cfg:"C:\mysettings.ini"

more command line options


- nt6, nt5 or vhd have to be the first parameter all other don't require any order
- does not matters if -paramter or /Parameter
- give paths can be relative (to WinNTSetup_x??.exe)
- if a path includes spaces enclose it with " "

- nt6 or nt5 - will let winntsetup know which os to install (nt6: for vista and later, nt5 for XP/2003)

- /source:(path) - defines the installation sources (for nt5 the root of the windows CD, for nt6 the install.wim file)
- /syspart:(driveletter:) - defines the driveletter you want as boot drive
- /tempdrive:(driveletter:) - defines the driveletter you want as installation drive

- /unattend:(file) - defines the path of the unattend file (winnt.sif or unattend.xml)
- /drivers:(path) - defines the path to a drivers folder you want to use
- /wimindex:n - defines the edition inside install.wim which should be installed beginning with 1 (like in the combo box Edition)

- /setupwait - will push the setup button and show you the proceed page
- /setup - will start the setup
- /reboot - will automaticly reboot 30 seconds after setup finished

- /forceunsigned - (only for installing Windows 7) will let the driver integration accept unsigned drives
- /testsigning - will set testsigning flag for the new Windows installation
- /disableuac - will disable User Account Control

- /Sysletter:{Letter} - will define the systemdrive letter the new windows installation will have
- /SaveDriveLetters - will save the current driveletter assaignment for the new windows installation
- /Uxtheme - will patch the uxtheme related dll's to enable the use of custom msstyles files
- /nobootsect - will not update BootSector and Master Boot Record

- /DisableHiberBoot - disable the fast boot feature of Windows 8, that can cause trouble in multiboot enviroments
- /DisableHibernate - disable the hibernate functions
- /DisableSystemRestore - disable the system restore functions
- /DisablePagefile - disable the virtual memory and the pagefile.sys file
- /DisableSFC - disable the system file protection of windows xp
- /RunAfter:{command} - will run a command before reboot

- /OEM:(path) - defines a custom $OEM$ folder

- /DisableVHDChecks - Disables all setup checks for VHD partitions

- /cfg:{inifile} - load settings from ini file

- /lng:nnnn - loading a different language file
- /bcd:{type} - select the firmware type to be set with bcdboot {ALL | BIOS | UEFI}

- /wimboot - will not apply the install.wim, but instead create pointer files

- /compact:{type}     - uses system comprresion of Windows 10
 [xpress4k | xpress8k | xpress16k | lzx}

- /wimlib - will use wimlib instead of wimgapi to handle wim files,
 requires to have wimlib dll files inside Tools\x??\wimlib

- /regtweaks:(path) - let you set a folder with *.reg files that will be merged into the installation

- /noreg - does not make any changes to the registry of the new windows installation

- /ref:{filter} - disables interal search for reference WIMs and uses a custom filter

- /wbc:{wimboot.ini} - use a custom wimbootcompressed.ini for Wimboot

- /timeout:{n} - use a custom timeout for the bootmenu (default = 30)

- vhd-create

- /File:{path} - defines the full path for the new VHD file
- /Size:{size} - defines the size in MB or GB (ex. 25600MB or 25GB)
- /Type:{type} - defines the type of VHD: fixed, expandable or fixedfast

---- optional ----

- /Label:{Label} - label for the vhd partition
- /Alig:{Alig} - Allignment (32|64|128|256|512|1024|2048) of the partition
- /Allo:{Allo} - Allocation unit (512|1024|2048|4096|8192|16K|32K|64K) of the partition

- vhd-attach - attach a VHD to system

- vhd-detach - detach a VHD from system


- Install Windows7 Ultimate (usually Wimindex 5) to drive C:, using unattend.xml file and define driver to integrate.

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